Invoicing details

HL Group invoicing addresses

Please ensure that the invoice contains our reference information: purchase order number, contract number or name of the subscriber.

Please note that the invoice for the delivery of the goods must contain the purchase order number. It is recommended to send an invoice per purchase order. Or alternatively, the purchase order number should be found at the line level.

E-invoicing details

E-invoicing address / EDI identifier: 003701087312
PEPPOL e-invoicing address: 0216:003701087312
Operator: Pagero Oy
Operator ID: 003723609900
Business ID: 0108731-2
VAT number: FI01087312

Invoices via e-mail

If you can not use e-invoicing, please send invoices in PDF format via email to

Please note that when sending invoices via email, the first attachment will be
interpreted as the invoice and any subsequent files as attachments to the invoice.
Additionally, the maximum number of lines for invoices sent via email is now 100

Paper invoices

HL Group Oy
PL 23
00711 Helsinki